Top 5 Beard Mistakes Guys Make When Growing a Beard (and how to avoid them)

Dec 13 , 2022

Steve Dean

Top 5 Beard Mistakes Guys Make When Growing a Beard (and how to avoid them)

For women, it is their hair; for men, it is their beard that provides them with a fashionable look and style. Nowadays, beards are super fashionable, and most men want to try out the beard look. Growing bread is a commitment that every man takes on every day to get a cool and stylish look. Growing a beard is not a relationship; it is a time-consuming process that requires patience, a beard demands dedication, perseverance, and fidelity. One thing is quite true if you don’t make beard grooming a priority, your bread shape can go really wrong. Without a doubt, beard growing is a journey in which men make many mistakes that ultimately deteriorate their bread and overall look. 

Unknowingly, you might be making mistakes while growing your beard, which you should absolutely avoid to get a stylish look. In this guide, we will walk you through the five most common mistakes that you need to avoid making to rock the beard of your dreams in no time.

Five common beard mistakes and their solutions to avoid 


Mistake 1 - Using beard oil incorrectly 

Natural-growth beard oil is essential as it helps condition your beard, soothe your skin, and deeply moisturize your facial hair and the skin beneath it. Then what’s the problem? There are many men who avoid beard oil altogether and wrongly apply it only on their facial hair itself and not on the skin under it. These mistakes exacerbate dry skin, itching, ingrown hair, and an unkempt appearance. Your body produces its own sebum, which keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. So, when your beard grows, it draws that sebum into the beard, which means you no longer get the same amount of moisturizing you need on your face. 

The solution- you must apply the right beard oil to your facial hair and the skin under your beard. 

Mistake 2 - Incorrectly trimming across the jawline

The second mistake men make is that they trim the neckline across the jawline incorrectly. What they exactly do is they either end up trimming their beard too high or too low down the neckline. Eventually, this creates a U-shape area of empty skin that has no contrast between the dark beard and the skin. So, without having this contract, you make the appearance of a double chin. 

The solution - Always trim above your Adam’s apple, where your head connects to your neck. Also, use a high-quality trimmer to give your bread a pepper shape. 

Mistake 3 - Not brushing properly 

Do you know your skin constantly sheds cells,  fakes off and allows new ones to form in place? These flakes get caught in between beard hairs, clump together, or block your pores. That’s where an excellent beard brush plays a significant role. Men often avoid brushing and exfoliating bread in some ways, which invites clumps of skin cells to block pores, thereby causing potential breakouts, irritation, or redness. 

Good news! The beard brush straightener is the perfect travel-ready brush to use and exfoliate your beard. 

Mistake 4 - Skipping the beard maintenance 

The fourth mistake men make while growing a beard is failing to do proper beard maintenance. It is true because many men don’t treat the beard the same way they treat the hair on the head, and it simply means that they don’t shampoo regularly or spend proper time keeping it clean. This is the most critical step that they fail to follow, resulting in dryness, itching, and being overly fluffy. 

The only solution you need to follow is that you should take the proper time to wash and brush your beard. You can buy a beard grooming kit to give appropriate maintenance to your beard. 

Mistake 5 - Using harsh/ wrong beard products  

Last but not least, the mistake most men make while growing their beards is that they use chemical or harsh products that affect their beards negatively. For instance, some men wash beards using a soap bar, normal shampoo, or a cheap drug store wash, which results in a harsh, dry, and full of dandruff beard. These products should NEVER be used on your beard. No doubt, these beard products contain harsh chemical ingredients such as sulfates, detergents, and phthalates. All these products cause dryness, irritation, itchiness, and slower beard growth. 

What can you do? Go with quality and chemical-free beard products to keep your beard and face clean. Buy the complete beard kit from Beard Care Pro that will help you develop a healthy and hydrated beard.  

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