The Role Of Derma Rollers In Beard Growth

Feb 11 , 2023

Steve Dean

The Role Of Derma Rollers In Beard Growth

Are you struggling to grow a thick beard? You might need a beard derma roller to rejuvenate skin beneath your beard. In recent years, men have adopted derma rollers to enhance facial hair growth. It is a device that uses a micro-needling mechanism to treat acne, open skin pores and repair the damaged roots beneath the beard. If you have not heard about this beard growth device, this post will make you aware of its role in enhancing your beard’s growth. Here’s how it works.

Derma Rollers For Beard Growth?

Derma rollers have a proven track record of promoting beard growth without side effects. It uses the micro-needling process to treat wrinkles, clogged pores, and various other skin problems. The derma rollers' mechanism involves regulating the skin’s collagen production. Collagen consists of the amino acids the hair follicles use to produce the keratin responsible for hair growth.

In simple words, a derma roller is a device with a rolling cylindrical head consisting of hundreds of tiny needles. When you roll it over the skin, the needles penetrate the skin and stimulate the natural formation of collagen. This process is called microneedling and advances natural growth of facial hair.

How Does A Derma Roller Promote Beard Growth?

Various studies show the role of the microneedling process in improving the skin's overall health. When you use the derma roller along with natural beard products, it boosts the beard growth process. There is a specific process to use it effectively to stimulate hair growth cells underneath the skin. As the needles lightly penetrate the skin, they trigger dermal papilla. They also boost the highly nutrient-rich sub-derma blood flow that promotes beard growth.

Using the roller consistently repairs the damaged skin cells and promotes enhanced blood circulation. As a result, the production of collagen and keratin increases, promoting facial hair growth. Along with derma rollers, you can also use our natural beard oils and balms to stimulate facial hair growth.

Using Derma Roller For Beard Growth

Questions regarding the effectiveness of a derma roller?. The result depends on how you use it. Many experts suggest using it along with natural beard oils and balms. For full effectiveness in using the derma roller, simply follow the steps shown below. 

1. Check The Needles Of the Derma Roller

The primary step in using the derma roller properly is to check its needle. Only use needles of 0.5 mm or shorter. If you are using the roller frequently, use a needle of 0.25 mm.

2. Clean The Device Before Use

Thoroughly clean your roller before and after using it. You can use a rubbing alcohol solution to sterilize it.

3. Wash Your Face 

Before you use it, cleanse your face with warm water. Use a dry towel and apply protective oil on the skin area.

4. Start Rolling

Roll the derma roller with light to moderate pressure on the skin. Roll the device up-down and on the sides of your beard area. Use the roller in such a way that it covers the entire areas of the skin.

5. Apply Natural Beard Growth Oil

Once you finish the rolling process, apply beard growth oil. Gently massage it over the whole beard area. There are a variety of natural oils for beard growth made from plant-based ingredients that promote the development of beard hair follicles. 

Alternate Ways To Stimulate Beard Growth

Along with the derma roller, other natural beard products stimulate beard growth. There are various products available, formulated from all natural ingredients. Use all of our natural beard balm, conditioner, wax, and softener to maintain your beard. 

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