Learning The Best Way To Trim A Short Beard

Dec 13 , 2022

Steve Dean

Learning The Best Way To Trim A Short Beard

Different beard styles suit different types of faces, and when it comes to a short beard, it looks best on a square or oblong face. Short beard styles require more attention and maintenance than other beard styles. You must have the patience to make your short beard look charming and properly styled since it takes time. It is one of the classic beard styles that allows men to look mature and manly while being neat at the same time. 

Growing a beard is a popular trend among men, but most men need to be aware of the proper techniques of beard growing, maintenance, trimming and styling. Intending to help men who wish to have a stylish and classic short beard, we are composing a step-by-step guide to master the art of trimming a short beard.  

Step 1: Grow Your Beard Properly  

If you desire a chic yet elegant short beard, remember that 'patience is the key'. It would be best if you grew your beard to an adequate length to easily shape it into a short one. Letting it grow too long is always good, as you can trim it to the desired size. When your facial hair becomes 2 cm long, wash, dry and comb your beard downward. Additionally, you can use a beard conditioner which will turn your harder facial hair softer, resulting in easier combing and trimming. Always comb your beard when it gets dry to minimize breakage. 

Step 2: Give It A Shape 

Once you wash and comb your beard, it's time to shape it. Make sure you have an efficient beard trimmer since it plays a vital role in bringing your beard into the desired shape. Give your beard a shape by lining up and clearing hair from your neck, cheek and under the lower lip. We recommend you begin with rouge hairs at the edges, then make your way in. Since symmetry and clean edges are crucial, don't rush during this step and take your time. 

Step 3: Trim It Down 

Now start consistently trimming your beard to get the desired length. It's now up to you how short a beard you wish to have. If you want a complete but shaded beard, use a trimmer with a comb attachment to ensure a consistent beard length all over the face. 

Step 4: Finish It Well 

Comb your beard, clean up around the mustache, and double-check for symmetry one last time. Ensuring the proper alignment is one of the essential skills to master in shaping and maintaining beards, including a short beard. The right tools are essential here, so keep all the tools to achieve the short beard you like.

Step 5: Shave The Remains 

In the end, shave the remains at the edge of your neck and cheeks to give a well-balanced look to your beard. Precise edges are the most crucial aspect of the short beard style. So, when it comes to a short beard, ensure you have appropriately shaved the areas around the beard outline. It may seem like a tiny detail, but it significantly impacts the overall appearance of your short beard.  

Regular Styling And Maintenance Is Crucial 

One thing which is crucial to remember is that a short beard requires frequent trimming and shaping to look sharp. For extra tender loving care, wash your beard with a beard wash and polish it off with beard oil. Since the hair on your face differs from the hair on your head, you need to pay a bit more attention to your facial hair. Keeping your beard moisturized and softer will make them look better and avoid skin irritation issues. 

Your Overall Health Matters For Healthy Beard 

Your overall health impacts everything, and a beard is no exception. A man can not modify his genes, but he can make slight changes in his lifestyle and habits to keep himself healthier and achieve a healthier beard. Some of the practices that can help in growing and maintaining a healthy beard are: 

  • Exercising daily to improve blood flow for better hair follicle growth. 
  • Balancing the diet by adding certain nutrients such as Zinc, lean protein, iron, and healthy carbohydrates. 
  • Get healthy sleep daily. 

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, diet and sleep, you would need certain essentials and tools to get a short beard style and maintain it. You can count on Beard Care Pro for everything you need for beard growth and maintenance. We are one of the popular online stores dedicated to beard care essentials and grooming products.