Relationship Between Beard Growth And Testosterone Hormones

Feb 11 , 2023

Steve Dean

Relationship Between Beard Growth And Testosterone Hormones

Are you struggling with a thin beard or frustrated with patchy growth? The reason could be low levels of testosterone hormones. It is a known fact that testosterone is responsible for hair and beard growth. So if you want a denser beard, you should try to maintain adequate levels of testosterone. It is also important to note that the levels of this hormone determine not only growth but density of facial hair. 

Your diet and lifestyle can also determine the effective growth of your beard. But, let's understand the relationship between beard growth and testosterone. In this blog, we will suggest how this hormone can affect your beard growth and how  some natural beard growth oils can help as well. 

How Testosterone Relates To Beard Growth?

There are many products in the market today that promote growth of facial hair by repairing the damaged roots and follicles and some are effective. However, you need to understand the role of testosterone hormone during the process. Simply put, the testosterone hormone is a sexual hormone related to masculinity. 

It is a chemical substance in our body that controls the functioning of cells and tissues. This hormone ramps up during puberty, which results in the development of muscles, vocals, sexual organs, and facial hair. Women also produce testosterone hormone but in lesser quantities than men. 

Role Of Testosterone In Beard Growth

There is a major relationship between testosterone and beard growth. A substance called dihydrotestosterone (DTH) is present in the testosterone hormone, which controls the growth of the body and facial hair. The levels of beard growth hormones can be affected by changing the diet, sleeping schedule, and daily routine. 

However, you can also help boost beard hair growth by applying natural beard oils. 

Trusted Natural Beard Growth Products For Beard Growth

Our men's grooming products include a variety of oils and waxes . Selecting the right product is essential and your choice should be one that is all natural without any side effects. Each product we offer is formulated from natural ingredients and provides the ultimate growing experience. 

1. Yiber 100% Natural Beard Growth Oil

Yiber, our natural beard growth oil is made from 100% natural ingredients to promote beard growth. It is the best natural oil for beard growth. Applying this oil to your beard repairs facial hair follicles, the damaged root, and accelerates beard growth. Shop this natural beard growth oil now.

2. Natural Beard Wax Conditioner Balm

Our conditioner is equally important for your beard as growth oil for styling and maintenance. Our natural beard conditioner balm allows you to style the beard with minimal effort. The blend of organic ingredients protects your beard while conditioning. Apply this powerful beard balm to style your beard the way you want. This will elevate your beard look to a new level!

3. 5 Piece Beard Grooming Kit 

Once you grow your beard, it is vital to provide complete care.  Our  5 piece beard grooming kit is a one-stop solution for all your grooming needs. The ultimate beard kit for men includes beard oil, brush, balm, scissor, and comb. This kit helps you properly maintain a beard and saves money on expensive grooming sessions. Shop this beard grooming kit to keep your beard looking great.

4. Timber 100% Natural Beard & Stache Wax

Timber stache wax softens your beard. It is all natural and protects your beard from dust and dirt. Apply the wax to maintain a smooth and shiny beard all day. You are just a click away to a softer sexier beard!

5. Beard Derma Roller

One of the most effective natural beard products is the derma roller. When you roll it over your face, it stimulates beard growth. It is a handheld device designed to stimulate the skin beneath. All you have to do is to roll it 7-10 times horizontally and vertically over your beard area. Purchase a derma roller now!

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