Major Reasons Behind Beard Hair Loss And Ways To Prevent It

Feb 11 , 2023

Steve Dean

Major Reasons Behind Beard Hair Loss And Ways To Prevent It

A beard is considered a sign of masculinity all over the world. As you age, maintaining a beard has become more difficult now. The reason behind it is beard hair loss, which is widely seen among older men. However, there are various causes behind hair loss, and it can be stopped using the right natural beard growth oil. 

It's not unusual to get all stressed after seeing hair loss when you have had a history of a dense and good looking beard. In a world where everyone probably follows the trend, dealing with beard hair loss can be a nightmare. There are various reasons behind beard hair shedding that you might still need to know, and let's see the major reasons that are mostly unnoticed among men. If you are a victim of this problem, rest assured you have come to the right place. 

This post sheds light on major reasons behind beard hair loss and ways to prevent it.

Reasons Behind The Beard Hair Shedding

Alopecia Barbae

It is a medical condition among men that causes beard hair loss. Alopecia Barbae is similar to balding and caused due to a weak immune system. You might notice hair loss in small patches from your beard during this. Many experts suggest using the best natural beard oil to reduce hair fall in the early stages. If this beard hair loss condition is left untreated, it might create a total loss of beard hair. If you experience this phenomenon, you may want to consult a physician.

Unhealthy Diet

The majority of health problems are caused due to an unhealthy diet. Beard hair loss is one of them that affects men who eat a less than a nutritious diet. When the body doesn't get the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, beard hair loss is sometimes the result.

The hyperacidity caused in the body leads to beard hair loss. Eating a balanced diet with all the vital nutrients is essential. The combination of a healthy diet and natural beard products can prove beneficial to arrest your hair loss.


Another cause of beard hair loss is mental stress. We all have stress in our personal and professional lives. When stress increases, it affects the body's testosterone levels, and the disruption in this hormone level enhances the risk of beard hair loss. Hair loss can be arrested by consistent use of natural beard growth oils.

Genetic Alopecia

Some people have hair loss from childhood that continues into adulthood. The majority of men who lose beard hair are affected by genetic alopecia. Various research shows that around 80% of causes of hair loss from your beard is genetics. In this condition, you might notice major hair loss in your 30s to 40s. There are proven results that show use of natural beard care oils can reduce the effects of genetic loss of beard hair. 

Side effects of Beard Products

The market comprises numerous products that promote a dense beard. Many of these products are “manufactured” using harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you make certain to use only natural beard growth oils.

Natural Beard Products that Promote Beard Hair Growth

Beard hair loss has become a common issue that needs to be addressed. You  might have heard a myth that beard hair re-growth is nearly impossible. But the reality is, it is possible with safe use of all natural beard oils can reduce your hair loss. Let's not waste anymore time, take a look following the list of beard products that can help with all of these beard loss problems.

1. Yiber 100% Natural Beard Growth Hair Oil

First we recommend our Yiber, it is the best natural beard growth hair oil. This beard oil contains the natural ingredients that promote beard hair growth and even makes it shinier. Yiber beard oil has been tested and with zero side effects. If you want to regain your dense natural looking beard purchase our oil now.

2. Natural Beard Wax Conditioner Balm

This requires next-level skill to maintain your beard properly. The natural beard balm effectively keeps the beard stylish and attracts everyone's attention. Our natural beard wax conditioner balm nourishes your beard. Shop this natural beard conditioner from us to get back in style.

3. Timber 100% Natural Beard And Stache Wax

Our timber beard wax and stache wax is made from plant-based essentials that are 100% safe. Applying it to your beard smoothes the hair, rejuvenates your skin, and keeps your beard shinier for the whole day. Shop this natural beard softener now!

4. Nourishing Beard Care Oil Kit

The beard grooming process takes a lot of time and effort. Our nourishing beard care oil kit is all you need to up your beard game. It is formulated with natural ingredients and includes the best natural oil for promoting beard growth. Get this oil kit for yourself now!

5. Beard Derma Roller

The beard derma roller is the ultimate beard hair growth roller. It is suitable for all types of beards and awakens the hair follicles. Roll it 7-10 times on your beard to stimulate natural hair growth. The derma roller is one of the best beard products for recovering your dense stylish beard.

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