The Complete Guide On How To Line Up Your Beard

Dec 13 , 2022

Steve Dean

The Complete Guide On How To Line Up Your Beard

Some say a beard and mustache are a vestige of manhood; well, no matter how wrong this statement feels, we all can agree at one point that a meticulously lined-up beard makes the man look more handsome. What do you think? What does your beard mean to you, and does it have the shape you want? If you are annoyed about your beard not having the shape you desire and you are not being able to get a defined lined-up beard, this is the absolute place for you. We will tell you tricks and tips on how to curtail your beard into proper volume and length to get a stunningly lined-up beard.

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How To Prepare Before You Line Up Your Beard

Every part of our body needs preciseness, from hair to nails, and beards are no exception. If you want a perfectly lined-up beard and cannot achieve it even after trying your best, there are certainly some issues in your foundation. There are ways  you can lineup your beard properly. 

Let It Grow

The first step in lining up your beard is having a properly grown beard. When styling your beard, you might notice hairless patches; these places can easily disrupt your effort to achieve a perfect beard lineup. Use a beard growth oil like Yiber 100% Natural Beard Growth Oil to get consistent beard growth on your face. Beard oil will promote a better and healthy beard. Also, let your beard grow to a certain length before lining up, as every part of your face doesn't grow beard hair equally.

Smoothen & Condition The Beard

A beautiful beard looks healthy and not dried and brittle. So when lining up the beard, see that it is smoothened and conditioned well to be tamed and styled. Many conditioning products are available in the market to meet the cause; however, choose a natural product like Natural Beard Wax Conditioner Balm. This conditioner will give your beard the required nourishment, and your beard will look multiple times more appealing.

A Wide Tooth Comb Can Change The Game

How can a comb have a role in beard growth? A wide wooden tooth comb helps the oil and other products distribute evenly throughout the beard. It's like how combs are necessary for your hair and scalp; they improve blood circulation and thus act as a catalyst in your beard growth journey. Additionally, by combing your beard regularly, you can tame your beard to go in a particular direction since beard hair is naturally thick and frigid, and it's hard to get them into line. Hence beard combs play a vital role when lining up your beard. 

Steps To Get The Desired Beard Shape


Since you are ready with a healthy and conditioned beard, it's time to line up your beard. These are the steps you can follow to achieve a handsome shape:

Step 1: Finalize the beard lineup you want, be sure if you want a more natural lineup or a crisp one.

Step 2: Comb the beard and start with one cheek. Visualize a line from your beard sideburns to the corner of your mouth. This is the line you would want to achieve.

Step 3: Use a beard trimmer to draw the line (use white eyeliner or chalk to draw if you are worried)

Step 4: Stop halfway through the line, depending on your lineup.

Step 5: If you want a more natural beard lineup, make a round arch to meet your mustache; however, if you want a more crisp beard lineup, leave rounding the edges.

Step 6: You have the lineup of one side of your beard, take this side for reference and continue the same on another side.

Don't worry if you can't achieve the most professional beard lineup at the first trial, it will take time, but you will surely achieve it (use a beard shaping tool if you are worried about using a trimmer directly on your precious beard).

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