7 Beard Maintenance Tips That Will Make It Healthy And Good-looking

Dec 13 , 2022

Steve Dean

7 Beard Maintenance Tips That Will Make It Healthy And Good-looking

If you have a long and thick beard, you must be struggling to maintain it. Itching, stiff facial hair and styling are some common problems every man faces. The good thing is these problems are not permanent; you can easily get rid of them with a few beard maintenance tips. 

Following a healthy routine, choosing quality products and using them correctly are a few basic things that can help to keep a healthy and dashing beard. If you do not have any clue how to do this, let us give you some tips on maintaining the beard that you always dream of.

Everyday Practice To Maintain Your Beard

Trimming your beard once a week is not all. Beard needs regular care, so you must add the following dos and don'ts to your daily regimen. 

Keep Your Beard Clean

When talking about beard maintenance, there is a lot to do. Your beard care starts with cleaning, which is crucial for keeping it healthy. Take a mild shampoo,  apply it to the beard and massage it with gentle hands to develop lathers. After a few minutes, wash it with lukewarm water. It will clear out all the dust and make it smooth & soft. Washing your beard will also remove the dead skin and open the clogged pores, resulting in beard growth. 

Hydrate and Nourish Your Beard With Beard Oil 

Beard oil is an essential beard care product that one should have in their shaving kit. The right beard care oil contains extracts of natural ingredients such as jojoba, argan, etc., that nourish the beard & the skin underneath and keep it hydrated. The properties of these natural ingredients also soften facial hair, prevent dandruff, and moisturize dry skin. For better results, apply beard oil after bathing when your beard is clean and dry.

Maintain Your Beard With Brush And Comb 

Beard maintenance also includes brushing and combing, a vital step after oiling the beard, as it helps reach the oil deep into the skin. Plus, it also helps to style your beard effortlessly. The benefits of using a comb on your beard do not end here. Brush or comb also removes the dust particles from the beard accumulated throughout the day and removes the dead skin. Use a brush for a short beard, while for a long beard you can use both a comb and a brush. Get a beard grooming kit that has a comb and brush both. 

Condition Your Beard With Balm 

A beard care balm is designed to condition your beard and make it smooth, shiny and neat. The natural beard care balm is loaded with essential ingredients such as jojoba seed oil and macadamia oil that nourish your beard and make it smooth and strong. It will not only condition your beard but also help you style it your desired way. With balm, you achieve the desired look and flaunt your beard style. You can apply beard care balm when attending a special occasion or twice a day to condition your beard. 

Trim Your Beard

Having a long beard does not mean you won't need to trim it. At some point, you need to trim your beard to make it well-presented and managed. For this, you do not need to book an appointment with the barber every week. You can DIY with a 2-in-1 beard trimmer. It is easy to do it at home without any expertise or assistance. Just follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the trimmer, and you are good to go. The additional benefit you will get with this trimmer is it saves you time and money. 

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

Beard care is not limited to styling and trimming it. If you want a dense beard or wish to keep your beard healthy, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. Your eating & sleeping time, and physical activities have a powerful impact on your beard. Therefore, focus on optimizing all these to ensure your body gets enough nutrients. Once your body gets essential nutrients, they reach your face and promote beard health.  

Do Not Play With Facial Hair

Perhaps it is the most important tip that many guys overlook. Remember, you are the only one responsible for your beard. You might flaunt your beard and mustache by twisting it, but this way, you inadvertently pluck the hair, resulting in hurt and ruining the beard shape. So avoid making this mistake and let your beard grow naturally. 

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