DIY Guide: 3 Ways To Use Beard Oil

Dec 13 , 2022

Steve Dean

DIY Guide: 3 Ways To Use Beard Oil

Beard grooming products are booming globally. You can find different beard care products at supermarkets and online stores, such as shaving cream, aftershave, and beard balm, but beard oil is the most effective.  

Beard oil is necessary to maintain a healthy beard. It contains all the essential substances required to keep your beard and underneath skin hydrated. Besides this, beard oil helps in softening, conditioning and reducing itching. 

It's good to have beard care oil in your shaving kit, but unless you do not know how to apply it properly, it may be like using engine oil. There is a certain way of using beard oil, including a combination of techniques that gives you amazing benefits in just a few seconds.  

Though the method is easy; you will become used to it once you know the basic steps. So, beginners who have been waiting to groom their beards and carry a stylish look, your wait is over, as we will be explaining three basic steps of using beard oil in this post. 

How to apply beard oil correctly?

Every man wishes for a dashing beard and beard care is important for this. Beard oil is the best way to keep the beard and skin underneath healthy and nourished. If you do not know the process of application, let us tell you that using beard oil is easy; all you have to do is follow the necessary steps below. 

Wash your face and beard with warm water

Take a glass of lukewarm water and wash your face with a gentle face wash. This will smoothen your beard before applying oil. Now use a dry cotton cloth or paper napkin to dry it. You can clean your beard with a damp cloth. Wait to apply beard oil until it gets completely dry. 

Before applying the beard oil, ensure your beard is dust free and dry. Using beard oil directly on a dirty and wet beard may cause clogged pores, resulting in skin issues. 

Take beard oil on your fingertips and rub them against your beard

Is your beard dry? If yes, you can apply beard oil. Take a few drops (2-3) onto your fingertips and rub them against your beard and cheeks. You need to massage well so that the oil reaches the roots of the beard. 

The organic plant extracts will nourish your beard & skin, further promoting hair growth. The proper massage will also reduce the underneath beard's inflammation and itching. Once you are done with oil and massage your beard well, do the same with the moustache since it is a part of your beard.  

Comb and style your beard

Combining your beard is essential to make the oil reach deep into the skin. Considering this, most beard care oil kits include a comb to apply the oil thoroughly on your beard and skin. If not, take a comb with soft teeth and move it on your beard deeply. It will spread the oil evenly on your beard & skin and also help you to style your beard in your desired way. 

Combing your beard twice a day also helps remove the dirt and dust from your beard and skin accumulated throughout the day.

Now you know how to apply the beard properly, it is time to learn other essential things about beard care. Let's start with the benefits of applying beard oil with the said method. 

Benefits of using beard oil 

 Here are the benefits of applying beard oil. 

Moisturizes dry skin

Beard oil may provide hydration to the beard and skin underneath, preventing dry and flaking skin. 

Soften the beard

Beard oil contains natural ingredients which hydrate your beard and make it soft. 

Reduce itchiness 

The moisturizing properties of the beard oil reduce the itchiness that is caused due to dry skin.

Protect from dust 

Beard oil creates a layer on your beard that protects the beard from dust & dirt. 

When to apply beard oil?

Considering the time to apply beard oil is also a part of beard care. The best time to apply beard oil is just after a shower when your beard is clean. You can also apply it at night before going to bed for better nourishment. For maximum benefits, apply it every day. 

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